Treatment for Ice Pick Acne Scars nyc new york ny

There are a few options for treatment of acne scars. Small, deep acne scars can be treated with surgical excision, which will ideally trade a depressed and discolored scar for a thin, flat scar.

Other techniques to improve the base of large or numerous scars involve resurfacing the skin by intentionally traumatizing it in order to stimulate collagen production. This thickens the skin and shrinks the surface area of the scar, and color may be improved as well. The Cross technique uses a very concentration of TCA peel. Lasers and dermabrasion (surgical resurfacing) are other techniques that are used to resurface large areas. Often, several techniques are used over time to get the best result. Patience is key since the full effect is often not seen for several months, and multiple procedures are usually necessary for a significant improvement.

Risks include temporary or permanent lightening or darkening of treated skin, crusting, scabbing, scarring, reactivation of cold sores, infection, redness, acne flares, milia formation.